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Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest...

Busy As A Bee, Rose Fountain Blessings...

One Of My Mottos

Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest

Have you noticed that life has a domino Effect?

Like you start on this project and the next thing you know;
You have five more things, needing to be done!

When things start feeling a bit overwhelming;
I will take a deep breath and tell myself my motto!
~Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest~

I want to live a calm life, not overwhelmed everyday!

At the end of each day I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a task;
But not at the cost of being stressed out!

We will have many tasks and jobs in our lives that require,
So much time and work.
But, I am learning to enjoy the process and taking a slower approach.
When I do this, it seems to go smoother!

Everything does take time, and as we get older it takes longer!

When we have learned to just stay motivated and moving in the direction;
By working on a task and doing it in a consistent timeline.
We will accomplish it in due time!

"Stop and take a break
Stop and have something to eat
Stop and evaluate what you have completed
Be neat and organized
Start in one spot and move forward"

It is much better to accomplish less in a day and be calm and happy;
Then to get the job done and overly tired and angry!
Done in His timing, is what I call perfect timing...

We have all heard the phrase as Busy as a Bee!
Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

Consistently moving in the right direction/ will accomplish the task!
In my book that's being a winner!

May your days be filled, with A
~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

Hugs, Roxy

Do Not Be Stingy With Words Of Kindness And Compliments...

Compliments are like Roses, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

~Why are we so guarded in showing kindness~

We let our friends and family go through our days and lives,
Without many words or compliments or showing appreciation!

~We are stingy with compliments~

We may hide our interest and kindly feelings toward others;
For fear of showing flattery, which others may become suspicious.
Or even jealous, but that should not be the case.

Even in our homes we can be so guarded in whole-hearted words;
And cheering words, 
We become lacking and insincere in much deserved words.

Let us make an intended effort to shower others;
With kindness, to manifest sympathy,
To give encouragement!

Silence in the presence of opportunity or need;
Is stealing from a moment of time given!

Do not leave someone empty when you are given an,
Abundance of substance...
Words that heal, fill and sustain 
Those very people that are in your path every day!
Some will be strangers, some will be family.
Fill their empty hearts and cups of need and want...

We can become so reckless in many areas of our lives;
So just maybe we could be reckless in showing kindness*

Make today, overflowing with;
~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

You Are Beautiful:

Every Thought Is Heard In Heaven...

Orange Flowers, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

~Every Thought That Flies Through Your Brain Is Heard In Heaven~

So many times I have grieved over not praying enough;
But, yet I think and ponder all the time!

But a reality hit me this very day...
God hears every thought, and every wish,
Every heart-longing
Every soul searching thirst and hunger!

Every question and intent of my heart;
He hears and knows what I want to pray;
What I want to tell Him!

Especially what I can't put into words or to utter a request!

This world and my business get in the way of my intent at times.

Sometimes I cannot find the words or thoughts or my tongue
Is silent with the fatigue of a long day!

He hears my silent cry and hears my tangled thoughts.

"Even in my unattainable ability to pray at times"
I will no longer think I am not praying;
But rather look up and say "You know sweet Lord Jesus!"

For He alone understands every intent of my heart...

My Thoughts Are like my everyday common language.

May this give you some comfort in our busy days...

Always, Roxy

Life Is Fragile...

A Perfect Bubble, Rose Fountain Of Blessings...

~Life Is Fragile~

Does everyone have the right to life?
We are trained and conditioned to think not!

When you have used all your days of productivity;

When you do not want this pregnancy:

When you no longer get to have it your way
Burger King

But life will throw you a curve ball;
How are you going to react?

Well, Most of us have no idea...

How many times in your life had you had this thought;
I never thought it would turn out like this!

A sickness
An accident
A baby
A lie
A death

Well, Life is but a bubble, so enjoy the sparkle and the ride!

As we learn to respond with patience and kindness;
To roll with the punches...

Tough days may just be around the corner for any one of us!

Resolve to overcome and enjoy the moment you have now!

Life is precious and incredibly fragile,
 Hauntingly this only becomes apparent when something tragic occurs,
 But we assume we are indestructible. 
We assume our longevity is absolute,
 Like we have a divine right to live to the age of 89
 And experience all life's joy and wonder.

But By Gods Grace...

Blessings, Roxy

A Place To Call Home...

Macaroons, Rose Fountain Of Blessings...

~A Place To Call Home~

This one saying has so many benefits and meanings!

We should all have a place we can call Home
This use to be the American Dream!

But many have no place to call home;
So I will take this time and give thanks for my Home...

One thing I remember learning about what I have is this;
If you do not take care of what you have been given;
You will not be given more...
And I truly saw this with my cars and my furniture my everything!

What is the most important thing in regards to your safety?
Well, I think I would have to say my HOME

I remember we had this man we called our town Hobo,
It was a sight, but even he had a shack to live in!

My Dad always told me to pay your house payment;
Because being homeless was terrible!
Even if you had no water or lights for a while, you had shelter!

We see so many people who claim to be homeless;
But some are just scamming you for money!

Take care of what you got!
Keep taking care of what you have been given!

Because. Everything we have, really is on loan to us from God!

~A home should be a stockade, a refuge from the flaming arrows of anxiety, tension, and worry~
Wilfred Peterson

Everything In Season...

Luscious Peaches, Fountain Of Rose Blessings...

~Everything In Season~

Every single day is just flying by!
Why am I so surprised??

I can remember being in the 5th grade and thinking; I can't wait to grow up!

Well, I grew up!

Then I was married, had children, now my children have children,
And their children are going to have my great grandchildren.

But it is paramount that everything is done in it's perfect timing.
If we can become patient and allow each day its own timing;
Just maybe they would seem to be more flowing and not flying.

Everything that is given the permission to move at its own pace,
Will come to maturity and have, the better quality.

Maybe the saying;
Quality is more important than quantity.
Is something to embrace as we grow older and hopefully wiser!

One day the time will run out just like the hour glass.
Lets flow and enjoy the journey today,
As we are not promised tomorrow!

~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

Holding A Grudge Is Very Toxic...

Limes, Beautiful Dove, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Holding A Grudge

Holding a grudge is a bit like lighting ourselves on fire;
And expecting the other person to die of smoke inhalation.

When you have a little bit of that feeling of not feeling the love,
You can become a wounded person;
Which in time becomes a grudge...

Will become heavier over time and you will carry it upon your shoulders,
You may even begin to stoop over from the weight,
And pretty soon you will be looking at the ground!
And you will forget to notice the big blue sky and the shining sun!

Beware of the words or deeds that will cripple your heart and mind!

Throw of the burdens and look the burden bearer.

Look full into His wonderful face,
And the things of this earth and people will grow strangely dim,
In the life of His Glory and Grace....

Ask the Lord to forgive you of any grudges you are harboring!
If you ask Him to take your burdens
He will take all of your burdens.

Blessings, Roxy

Focus And Stop And Breathe...

Peaceful And Calming, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

Being Mindful

Today we must all be mindful of who what and where...

In this NEW BLOG,
 I plan on writing on a few different topics;

We can always look back and see what was important at the time.

Learning to stay calm and carry on...

We are living proof that God is in control;
Because we would all be running around saying;
"What The Heck"

But, we truly can take a deep breath and rest in
His plan and know it will all work out!

Blessings, Roxy