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May The Lioness Roar...


Be Bold, Sound The Alarm, Rose Fountain of Blessings Blog...

There is just something about seeing the Lioness

That makes us think of majestic stature.

I am feeling like maybe we are not standing our ground!

I just get overwhelmed when I have seen a clip of a Momma

In a school board meeting fighting for the welfare

of her child, in these woke schools!

And even more so when a Daddy say's enough!

Good is under attack!

We must be on the watch for the subtle and bold forces.

Actually, if you will listen with your spiritual ears;

They are telling you exactly what they are doing and going to do!

If the good people don't stand up;

Or warn others of impending danger.

We are not sounding an alarm!

Watching and doing nothing is wrong!

We are seeing even the police being overly cautious,

Of being fearful of being wrong;

Even when they are upholding the Law!

Remember, if we remove those upholding the Law

We will see how bad it will get!

Don't be so afraid you won't stand for the truth!

They have been trying to put fear in all of us!

So we will obey blindly...

Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog

Will be my new soapbox for sounding an alarm!

We can't have blessings or Roses

"Without weeding our soil of our gardens and Hearts!

Always, Roxy

The Heart Of The Matter...


Litrle Hearts, Rose Fountain Of Blessings...

The heart of the matter...

We need to ask ourselves this question what really matters?

Your heart is the center of life. 

Your heart is where Jesus lives;

(We ask him to come and live in our hearts!)

But yet we can allow things in our hearts that are not Godly.

I do believe we can truly suffer from a broken heart.

We must guard our hearts!

We all want to be loved, yet we must be cautious

to whom or what we give our hearts to.

It's a powerful force to give your heart and to stand by

and to love in sickness or health.

Rich or poor,

We have all heard the saying, She has such a big heart.

What is in your heart today?

If there is any bitterness there?

If there is, ask for forgiveness!

(Because the root of bitterness will harden your heart)

We want our hearts to be filled with the goodness of God!

And allow our lives to share what we have stored up!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

I often ask the Lord to cleanse my heart.
I want to make sure my treasure is in the right place.

Hide Gods Word in Your Heart
Share your heart desires with a friend
Let not your heart be troubled
Put your whole heart into what truly matters
Your heart is the wellspring of life...

~May your heart be healthy and strong~

If you would like to make these little hearts
I will put a link to the post!
Everyone needs a little heart...

Blessings, Roxy

He Came For Bruised Reeds...

 He Faithfully Brings Forth Justice, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

Sometimes we can just feel snuffed out!

We feel it mostly after we have just walked through

A trial or just sloped into the valley of life.

We all know that there are Mountains top days and seasons.

And as the journey through life goes, 

We will have to walk through those valleys.

I went through a very difficult time, many years ago;

And I was just awe struck over this scripture!

"A bruised reed he will not break, 

and a faintly wick he will not quench;

he will faithfully bring forth justice."

Isaiah 42:3

Maybe you have been lead to believe that your best days

 are behind you. 

And and that you're feeling like a sputtering old candle.

Or feeling battered and broken like a bruised reed!

Well, I am here to tell you that Jesus makes use of smoldering wicks.

And He will not break a bruised reed.

This is what He does for those that wait upon Him;

He redeems us and uses us to bring light to the world!

In one way or another we are all bruised reeds.

And our wicks may be burning faintly.

Don't give in to the horrible downtrodden feelings.

Encourage yourself with this scripture!

It blessed me so much...

He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;

The bruised reed He never breaks,

Nor scorns the meanest name"

So believe this glorious news for you!

He will take care of you and you will be a shining light;

For His Glory...

Blessings From My Heart And Home

By Rose Fountain Of Blessings

Hugs, Roxy


There Are Times We Just Need To Give It Our Best Shot...

Your Getting Stronger, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This Framed Photo Sits On My Desk

It's my reminder of  those days;
You know...
 Those days that just was just filled with trouble and left you with the shiner.

But what always makes me laugh, is that she is smiling!

She finally just had enough, So she stood her ground!

Sometimes we absolutely have to try to be the peacemaker.
But there are just certain issues we must stand our ground!

Some fights are just worth, giving it our best shot!

If you have ever been bullied;
You get this...

We are told in Scripture to fight the good fight of faith!
We must be active and move in the right direction!
We are told to fear not!
This world can be a scary place!
But we have a refuge.
Finding the line in the sand!
Where can we go?
What can we be a part of?
What produces fruit?
Who are you trying to please?

"Ask yourself these questions"
So you can fight the battle that is yours;
In His timing...

Be wise in your words!
Use wisdom in what battles you choose!

~Shine On Dear Ones~

Hugs, Roxy

Hearty and Delicate...

Endurance, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

 I admire women who are hearty, yet delicate in some ways!

A woman that can get a job done and yet smile when adversity
Comes her way! 
To be able to stay up all night with a sick loved one;
To be able to make a dinner with very little in her cupboard.

My heart has always gone out to the women of the great depression era!
They worked hard to try to keep the family together.

My heart has felt the frustration for the single parent!

I have said this as a compliment about a few women
"You come from good stock"
Meaning they learned to stand in adversity from maybe
Their own mother or grandmother!

I have lived in a harsh territory, and our land is unpredictable;
Some years are green and lush others dry and barren.

I have a saying around here:
~Only the strong survive~

Even when the flowers would not bloom for lack of rain,
I could almost always find a little flower on a sparse patch.

Some years or weeks or even days are tougher than we planned for!

We can look back in history or even on the evening news;
To see a woman who is more than surviving.

I always feel really bad when I see a situation where a mother
and her family is forced to leave their home
No matter how small or where it is in the world.
A woman needs a home to grow and bloom!

The reason I used a crocus flower blooming in the snow,
Is because this symbolizes Hearty yet Delicate.

I believe this little flower can do this because it took its rest!
Being hearty is something that is God given to a woman.
That is why we are the only gender that can give birth.

So much seems wrong, but we can lean on the Lord!
We can grow in our trials!

Day By Day

The Life Giving Waters...


Living Waters, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Water the Life Giving Stream

I think there is something so relaxing about seeing and hearing,

Water running or flowing or even crashing in nature.

Sitting on the beach, hearing the waves crashing one after another.

Or seeing a river run through the forest is exhilarating.

I do know that water gives and brings life where ever it goes.

I have always been intrigued about the Dead Sea;

Even the name of it sounds awful.

There is nothing living in this because its 10 times even

More salty than ordinary saltwater.

The water is so dense you can't even swim in it.

Nothing can live in these conditions!

So when we talk about life giving stream, this water

Is fresh and can support life.

We need this Living Water...

We would not live very long without it!

Most of us has experienced a season or year of drought.

The effects can be devastating.

I desire to bathe in it and to swim in it, to drink it;

And to even take in the sounds of it flowing.

But we must also be aware of the fact that Gods Words,

Is living water, given to us to refresh and revive our souls.

I need this life giving water abundantly!

Remember, even in nature, water is powerful;

And will bring life where ever it flows!

Enjoy Life, and drink of the Living Water...

It shall be that every living thing that moves,

Wherever the rivers go, will live.

~Ezekial 47:9~

Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

Be The Last One Standing...

Tenacity Is A virtue, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

The Last One Standing...

It's delightful to see the slow change of a season.

The tenacity of some things amaze me.

I am not talking about being strong willed, but rather endurance.

Well, I will say this having endurance has its rewards!

I was drawn to this flowers last stance of beauty.

She is now gone and full blown cold and snow weather has arrived.

 But it was a good reminder to stand tall and don't give up!

Yet, I want to embrace the winter months ahead...

Staying busy with things in the home, cozy yet satisfying.

Looking forward to practicing endurance in the little things;

So when a tough bend in the road arrives I will hopefully be able to navigate it!

It's a bit like a seed or a bulb that will rest in the ground all winter long...

Loving the ability to write and to capture those thoughts;

May we all look for those things that continue to stand in every season!


"Rose Fountain Of Blessings"


Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest...

Busy As A Bee, Rose Fountain Blessings...

One Of My Mottos

Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest

Have you noticed that life has a domino Effect?

Like you start on this project and the next thing you know;
You have five more things, needing to be done!

When things start feeling a bit overwhelming;
I will take a deep breath and tell myself my motto!
~Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest~

I want to live a calm life, not overwhelmed everyday!

At the end of each day I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a task;
But not at the cost of being stressed out!

We will have many tasks and jobs in our lives that require,
So much time and work.
But, I am learning to enjoy the process and taking a slower approach.
When I do this, it seems to go smoother!

Everything does take time, and as we get older it takes longer!

When we have learned to just stay motivated and moving in the direction;
By working on a task and doing it in a consistent timeline.
We will accomplish it in due time!

"Stop and take a break
Stop and have something to eat
Stop and evaluate what you have completed
Be neat and organized
Start in one spot and move forward"

It is much better to accomplish less in a day and be calm and happy;
Then to get the job done and overly tired and angry!
Done in His timing, is what I call perfect timing...

We have all heard the phrase as Busy as a Bee!
Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

Consistently moving in the right direction/ will accomplish the task!
In my book that's being a winner!

May your days be filled, with A
~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

Hugs, Roxy