May The Lioness Roar...


Be Bold, Sound The Alarm, Rose Fountain of Blessings Blog...

There is just something about seeing the Lioness

That makes us think of majestic stature.

I am feeling like maybe we are not standing our ground!

I just get overwhelmed when I have seen a clip of a Momma

In a school board meeting fighting for the welfare

of her child, in these woke schools!

And even more so when a Daddy say's enough!

Good is under attack!

We must be on the watch for the subtle and bold forces.

Actually, if you will listen with your spiritual ears;

They are telling you exactly what they are doing and going to do!

If the good people don't stand up;

Or warn others of impending danger.

We are not sounding an alarm!

Watching and doing nothing is wrong!

We are seeing even the police being overly cautious,

Of being fearful of being wrong;

Even when they are upholding the Law!

Remember, if we remove those upholding the Law

We will see how bad it will get!

Don't be so afraid you won't stand for the truth!

They have been trying to put fear in all of us!

So we will obey blindly...

Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog

Will be my new soapbox for sounding an alarm!

We can't have blessings or Roses

"Without weeding our soil of our gardens and Hearts!

Always, Roxy


  1. Beautiful, Roxy. I added this blog. to my sidebar list. Have a blessed Easter. xo Diana


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