Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest...

Busy As A Bee, Rose Fountain Blessings...

One Of My Mottos

Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest

Have you noticed that life has a domino Effect?

Like you start on this project and the next thing you know;
You have five more things, needing to be done!

When things start feeling a bit overwhelming;
I will take a deep breath and tell myself my motto!
~Do What You Can And Don't Worry About The Rest~

I want to live a calm life, not overwhelmed everyday!

At the end of each day I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a task;
But not at the cost of being stressed out!

We will have many tasks and jobs in our lives that require,
So much time and work.
But, I am learning to enjoy the process and taking a slower approach.
When I do this, it seems to go smoother!

Everything does take time, and as we get older it takes longer!

When we have learned to just stay motivated and moving in the direction;
By working on a task and doing it in a consistent timeline.
We will accomplish it in due time!

"Stop and take a break
Stop and have something to eat
Stop and evaluate what you have completed
Be neat and organized
Start in one spot and move forward"

It is much better to accomplish less in a day and be calm and happy;
Then to get the job done and overly tired and angry!
Done in His timing, is what I call perfect timing...

We have all heard the phrase as Busy as a Bee!
Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?

Consistently moving in the right direction/ will accomplish the task!
In my book that's being a winner!

May your days be filled, with A
~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

Hugs, Roxy


  1. I'm in a period of what feels like chaos in my life right now. We're listing our house for sale very soon and then we're going to be moving into our camping trailer for a year or so until retirement when we move back to the midwest to be near our family. We are selling now because we know we want to go back home and the market is good now. The future doesn't look so bright for real estate. Life seems very uncertain right now and very different than usual. It makes me nervous. I spend lots of time in prayer for God to give me peace about all of this.

  2. Perfect advice for the times we live in. I shared this on Harvest Lane Cottage's Facebook page this evening.


  3. How did you get to be so very wise?
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


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