Be The Last One Standing...

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The Last One Standing...

It's delightful to see the slow change of a season.

The tenacity of some things amaze me.

I am not talking about being strong willed, but rather endurance.

Well, I will say this having endurance has its rewards!

I was drawn to this flowers last stance of beauty.

She is now gone and full blown cold and snow weather has arrived.

 But it was a good reminder to stand tall and don't give up!

Yet, I want to embrace the winter months ahead...

Staying busy with things in the home, cozy yet satisfying.

Looking forward to practicing endurance in the little things;

So when a tough bend in the road arrives I will hopefully be able to navigate it!

It's a bit like a seed or a bulb that will rest in the ground all winter long...

Loving the ability to write and to capture those thoughts;

May we all look for those things that continue to stand in every season!


"Rose Fountain Of Blessings"


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  1. OH I needed to hear this today! To embrace those things that come with each season instead of wishing for something different. Thank you for the challenge to "look for those things that continue to stand in every season".


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