Be The Last One Standing...

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The Last One Standing...

It's delightful to see the slow change of a season.

The tenacity of some things amaze me.

I am not talking about being strong willed, but rather endurance.

Well, I will say this having endurance has its rewards!

I was drawn to this flowers last stance of beauty.

She is now gone and full blown cold and snow weather has arrived.

 But it was a good reminder to stand tall and don't give up!

Yet, I want to embrace the winter months ahead...

Staying busy with things in the home, cozy yet satisfying.

Looking forward to practicing endurance in the little things;

So when a tough bend in the road arrives I will hopefully be able to navigate it!

It's a bit like a seed or a bulb that will rest in the ground all winter long...

Loving the ability to write and to capture those thoughts;

May we all look for those things that continue to stand in every season!


"Rose Fountain Of Blessings"


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