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Water the Life Giving Stream

I think there is something so relaxing about seeing and hearing,

Water running or flowing or even crashing in nature.

Sitting on the beach, hearing the waves crashing one after another.

Or seeing a river run through the forest is exhilarating.

I do know that water gives and brings life where ever it goes.

I have always been intrigued about the Dead Sea;

Even the name of it sounds awful.

There is nothing living in this because its 10 times even

More salty than ordinary saltwater.

The water is so dense you can't even swim in it.

Nothing can live in these conditions!

So when we talk about life giving stream, this water

Is fresh and can support life.

We need this Living Water...

We would not live very long without it!

Most of us has experienced a season or year of drought.

The effects can be devastating.

I desire to bathe in it and to swim in it, to drink it;

And to even take in the sounds of it flowing.

But we must also be aware of the fact that Gods Words,

Is living water, given to us to refresh and revive our souls.

I need this life giving water abundantly!

Remember, even in nature, water is powerful;

And will bring life where ever it flows!

Enjoy Life, and drink of the Living Water...

It shall be that every living thing that moves,

Wherever the rivers go, will live.

~Ezekial 47:9~

Always, Living From Glory To Glory

Hugs, Roxy

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