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 I admire women who are hearty, yet delicate in some ways!

A woman that can get a job done and yet smile when adversity
Comes her way! 
To be able to stay up all night with a sick loved one;
To be able to make a dinner with very little in her cupboard.

My heart has always gone out to the women of the great depression era!
They worked hard to try to keep the family together.

My heart has felt the frustration for the single parent!

I have said this as a compliment about a few women
"You come from good stock"
Meaning they learned to stand in adversity from maybe
Their own mother or grandmother!

I have lived in a harsh territory, and our land is unpredictable;
Some years are green and lush others dry and barren.

I have a saying around here:
~Only the strong survive~

Even when the flowers would not bloom for lack of rain,
I could almost always find a little flower on a sparse patch.

Some years or weeks or even days are tougher than we planned for!

We can look back in history or even on the evening news;
To see a woman who is more than surviving.

I always feel really bad when I see a situation where a mother
and her family is forced to leave their home
No matter how small or where it is in the world.
A woman needs a home to grow and bloom!

The reason I used a crocus flower blooming in the snow,
Is because this symbolizes Hearty yet Delicate.

I believe this little flower can do this because it took its rest!
Being hearty is something that is God given to a woman.
That is why we are the only gender that can give birth.

So much seems wrong, but we can lean on the Lord!
We can grow in our trials!

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