Do Not Be Stingy With Words Of Kindness And Compliments...

Compliments are like Roses, Rose Fountain Of Blessings Blog...

~Why are we so guarded in showing kindness~

We let our friends and family go through our days and lives,
Without many words or compliments or showing appreciation!

~We are stingy with compliments~

We may hide our interest and kindly feelings toward others;
For fear of showing flattery, which others may become suspicious.
Or even jealous, but that should not be the case.

Even in our homes we can be so guarded in whole-hearted words;
And cheering words, 
We become lacking and insincere in much deserved words.

Let us make an intended effort to shower others;
With kindness, to manifest sympathy,
To give encouragement!

Silence in the presence of opportunity or need;
Is stealing from a moment of time given!

Do not leave someone empty when you are given an,
Abundance of substance...
Words that heal, fill and sustain 
Those very people that are in your path every day!
Some will be strangers, some will be family.
Fill their empty hearts and cups of need and want...

We can become so reckless in many areas of our lives;
So just maybe we could be reckless in showing kindness*

Make today, overflowing with;
~Rose Fountain Of Blessings~

You Are Beautiful:


  1. Beautiful! You can never be too kind. We should always try to find ways to be kind to others.

  2. I agree, Roxy. There is no cost to being kind. That is one thing I have tried to instill in my kids and grandkids. Be kind because you never know what path people are walking and how hard their life might be. Happy Mother's Day- xo Diana


  3. Such a beautiful poem. My friends daughter age 50, just committed suicide last week. Women in a small town she had been friends with for many years got upset with her because she was 20 minutes late to a party. They were ruthless and mean to her. She went into deep sadness and withdrew from these ladies and weeks later ended her life. We must always try to pour kindness into others as it may change their heart and life. Wonderful post-Thanks


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